Samsung Prices in Lebanon

Prices for Samsung mobiles sold by Authorized Resellers (including VAT):

Galaxy S8 64GB: $799 (Full Specs)

Galaxy S8+ 64GB: $899 (Full Specs)

Galaxy S7 32GB: $500 (Full Specs)

Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB: $599 (Full Specs)

Galaxy S7 Edge 128GB: $655 (Full Specs)

A7: $370  (Full Specs)

A5: $325

A3: $305

A8: $445

Are you a Lebanese and willing to buy the latest Samsung mobile? Here is some info that you should know before you make any purchase as most of mobile shops in Lebanon will hide these info from you, and as they say:

There are 2 types of  mobiles in the Lebanese market:

  1. The first type  is sold by Official Agents, in other words these phones are coming directly from Apple or Samsung companies. Click here to see a list of official iPhone agents in Lebanon, this list is taken from Apple’s official website. As for Samsung Official Agent you can find more details below.
  2. The second type are mobiles that are sold by Non-Official Agents, these mobiles are imported mainly from Dubai (UAE) or other countries but for sure they are no imported directly from Apple or Samsung Companies.


Main difference between a mobile bought from an Official Agent & a mobile bought from a Non-Official Agent:

In general mobiles sold by an Official Agents are around $100 more expansive than mobiles sold by Non-Official Agents. Also the warranty is different between the 2 read below for more details.


Prices for Samsung mobiles sold by Non Authorized Resellers (including VAT):

Galaxy S8 64GB: $649

Galaxy S8+ 64GB: $744

Galaxy S7 edge 32GB: $494

Galaxy S7 edge 128GB: $534


If you dont know what is Edge, Edge models have a curved screen, you can find in Samsung the same model as Edge or normal screen. Below an image for S7 Edge:


Official Agent Warranty (CTC):

1 year warranty, including a 6 month warranty for broken screens ( you might be charged $50 during the first 6 month to replace a broken screen)

Take in consideration that Samsung screens are too expansive, I mean really expansive!
Also you should know that Samsung Edge series screen can easily be broken, so if you accidentally drop your mobile a lot you might want to stay away from all Edge models.

Make sure that you see the following sticker on your mobile:

Non Official Agents Warranty:

If you are buying an iPhone or Samsung from a Non Official Agent then you might need to ask him about the warranty as each shop has his own terms.