iPhone X Price in Lebanon

Apple has launched 3 new smartphones on September 2017: The high-end iPhone X (also known as iPhone 10),iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, at a big event in California.

The iPhone X will go on sale in the USA mid-November so it won’t be available in the Lebanese market before the end of next month, however, iPhone 8 is now available in many Lebanese shops, to know where to get the iPhone 8 at the cheapest price we suggest to read this article.

iPhone X Price in Lebanon & Specs:


Expected price for iPhone X in Lebanon:

64GB for $1100+

256GB for $1,250+

iPhone X’s best new features:

  • Face ID: unlock the phone just by looking at it
  • OLED Super Retina display: the biggest screen on an iPhone
  • A 11Bionic chip: A completely new powerful chip, which is also available in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • Redesigned 12MP dual-lens camera (See some photo samples)
  • 7 MP front-facing camera takes Portait Mode selfies (See some photo samples)
  • Longer battery life: iPhone X will last up to two hours longer than the  iPhone 7
  • Wireless charging


Be Careful before you buy any iPhone from Lebanon:

Here is some info that you should know before you make any purchase as most of mobile shops in Lebanon will hide these info from you, and as they say:

There are 2 types of  mobiles in the Lebanese market:

  1. The first type  is sold by Official Agents, in other words these phones are coming directly from Apple or Samsung companies.
  2. The second type are mobiles that are sold by Non-Official Agents, these mobiles are imported mainly from Dubai (UAE) or other countries but for sure they are no imported directly from Apple or Samsung Companies.


Main difference between a mobile bought from an Official Agent & a mobile bought from a Non-Official Agent:

In general mobiles sold by an Official Agents are around $100 more expansive than mobiles sold by Non-Official Agents. Also the warranty is different between the 2 (read below for more details about iPhone warranty)


Official Agents Warranty:

Two years warranty , the first year is an international warranty this means regardless in which country you are your warranty will be active. The warranty for the second year is active only in Lebanon.

Warranty doesn’t include broken screens, compared to Samsung Company that offers a warranty on the screen for 6 month.


Non Official Agents Warranty:

If you are buying an iPhone or Samsung from a Non Official Agent then you might need to ask him about the warranty as each shop has his own terms.

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