iPhone X Price in Lebanon is starting $1275

Apple has launched 3 new smartphones in September 2017: The high-end iPhone X (also known as iPhone 10),iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, at a big event in California.

The iPhone X was released in the USA on November 3  and it’s now available in Lebanon.

iPhone X Price in Lebanon & Specs:

The price of iPhone X vary from one shop to another, the cheapest iPhone you can find it at Amhaz, Class Cellular, Khoury Cell as an average its sold for:

iPhone X 64GB $1275

iPhone X 256GB  $1500

Big home appliances shops like Khoury Home, Abed Tahan… are selling the iPhone X for a higher price.

Check Amhaz Official Facebook Page for the updated prices.


If you are planning on buying the iPhone X soon,  don’t waste your money and buy for it any accessory from Lebanon, let me teach you how to buy accessories for your iPhone at the cheapest price.

In case you still don’t know Aliexpress, it’s a Chinese online store that delivers to Lebanon free of charge. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay customs charges for purchased items unless you are buying very expansive products.

But even in that case, you can ask the seller to send you an invoice for a  lower price. Personally, I never paid custom charges for any product I purchase from Aliexpress knowing that I have purchased products with a price that vary between $1 and $100.

However a friend of mine once purchased a tablet from Aliexpress for $120 and he had to pay $20 for customs, when he ordered the same tablet again he asked the seller to mention on the package that the product shipped is a gift (without mentioning the word tablet) with the value of $40 instead of $120, and he received the second tablet without paying any cent for the Lebanese customs.

Below some items sold on Aliexpress, prices include delivery to Lebanon!

Cover $1

Power Bank $8

Mobile Holder: $2.5

Of course, phone accessories are not the only products sold on Aliexpress, on Aliexpress you can find everything by everything I mean EVERYTHING you can imagine.

Visit AliExpress

iPhone X’s best new features:

  • Face ID: unlock the phone just by looking at it
  • OLED Super Retina display: the biggest screen on an iPhone
  • A 11Bionic chip: A completely new powerful chip, which is also available on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • Redesigned 12MP dual-lens camera (See some photo samples)
  • 7 MP front-facing camera takes Portrait Mode selfies (See some photo samples)
  • Longer battery life: iPhone X will last up to two hours longer than the  iPhone 7
  • Wireless charging